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We carry a collection of over 350 Mens, Womens, and Kids clothing brands from top names in apparel, accessories, footwear, and travel gear.

Peter Millar

Peter Millar is renowned for its distinctive and refined clothing, featuring a wide range of colors. The Peter Millar product line includes woven sport shirts, sweaters, knit golf and polo shirts, tailored clothing, and outerwear, all made from the highest quality materials.


Faherty is a family-owned brand that draws inspiration from the sun. They are dedicated to delivering products of exceptional quality, legendary comfort, and positive energy. The company is driven by a sense of purpose to improve the world around them and make a positive impact.

Jack Victor

Jack Victor Limited began in 1913 and has since grown into a leading North American manufacturer of men’s tailored clothing. The company is family-owned and currently run by Alan Victor, the third-generation CEO. Alan follows in the footsteps of his father Herschel and his grandfather Jack, who founded the company.


Discover Patagonia’s eco-conscious clothing range, offering outdoor wear designed for adventure seekers, while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Explore our collection now!

The North Face

The North Face is an outdoor gear company founded in 1966 to supply climbers and hikers. The company logo is inspired by a famous rock formation in Yosemite National Park. The North Face now is a popular fashion brand.

Southern Shirt

Bryan Webb founded The Southern Shirt Co. in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The company’s colorful designs and unique takes on preppy classics have made it a popular brand. By adding creative patterns to otherwise ordinary button-down shirts, the company creates one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be found elsewhere.

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